Floor Plans and Elevation Drawings

Download the full planset (8 pages) or individual pdf files by clicking on the links below.

Exterior Elevation Drawings depict homes fully-constructed.

Walnut Floor Plan units 2,3,6,9,11
Butternut Floor Plan units 4,7,12
Hazelnut Floor Plan (revised) units 1,5,8,10,13
Chestnut Floor Plan units 14,15,16

Common Buildings and Site Plan:
Common House
Carport & Craft Space
Site Plan

Links to detailed plans (note: does not yet reflect updated Hazelnut layout):

Notes: Renderings are artist’s conceptions and are not intended to depict an actual building, fencing, walkway, driveway or landscaping and are not to scale.  Cully Grove LLC reserves the right to modify or change floor plans, elevations & materials without prior notice or obligation. Basements are shown in some drawings but are not included in base pricing. On certain units, basements can be added as a buyer option


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