Home Price Reductions

Due to projected construction & permit cost savings, all prices have been reduced, some into the low $300K’s. We are working toward a mid-January construction start, so we can be in our homes before the 2013 gardening season begins. Please contact Noelle for opportunities to meet the group and Eli to reserve a unit today.


Free class at Portland Homestead Supply

Build community! Visit Portland Homestead Supply for a free class 6:30-8pm this Thursday by Eli Spevak on how he and others have launched small and large communities of homes in and around Portland. Eli will discuss design elements that foster food production/preservation, sharing and neighborly interaction, living lightly & abundantly on earth, and fun. Check here for class details and RSVP information.

Oregonian PDX Green blogger calls out Cully Grove

Yesterday Carrie Sturrock posted a piece about Cully Grove and the August 28 Open House.  While she has her own style, Carrie’s blog is to Portland what Grist is to the nation — a hub of eco-information and practical tips.

Cully Grove: A Multi-Generational, Solar-Powered Garden Community Near Delphina’s Bakery

Continuing to spread the word…  Here’s a nice little piece about the Cully Grove project in Neighborhood Notes.

Ecoroof incentive

Good news… We applied last month for a rebate to help defray the additional costs of providing ecoroofs over both carport buildings – and just heard today that our application was approved and accepted!

Videos to share

Thanks to some great work by Zach at www.onehundredseconds.com, we just completed this 100 second video about the Cully Grove project:

Also, check out this short video about Cully Grove co-developer, general contractor, and 2010 BEST Award recipient, Orange Splot LLC:

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