We foster an environment in which sharing with neighbors is fun, easy, and a practical way to decrease the amount of stuff we own.  Possible shared items include: lawnmower, exercise equipment, barbecue, canoe, cargo bike(s), hiking books, movie projector, sound system, power tools, newspaper subscription, internet service, urban bounty from fruit trees and berry bushes, and vehicles.

Some of these items are individually owned, but stored in common spaces in exchange for allowing all residents to use them.  Others might be owned by the community itself.  For relatively expensive projects (such as building a pizza oven, raising chickens/bees, hosting ice cream socials, or constructing a play structure), a few motivated residents might front the initial costs and invite others to chip in to the extent of their interest/ability.  Regardless of the form of ownership, any designation of shared common space (inside or out) for long-term storage of shared items is a community decision.

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