Pocket Farm

An important part of our community vision is to grow (and eat!) lots of nutritious and delicious food at home.  To foster this urban bounty, we have set aside significant portions of the site for food production.

Located in the northwest corner of the site, a 4,400sf garden area is primarily used to grow vegetables.  This garden hosts a centralized compost facility for the community and has been divided into 16 garden plots, one for each unit.  Any unit owners not interested in using their plots can make them available for shared use.

We have also plant fruit trees, bushes and berry canes around the property, including an orchard area in the far northwest corner of the site and espalier fruit trees incorporated into low fences throughout the property. These are managed together, through monthly work parties.

Each household has front, side, and/or rear yards for individual kitchen and decorative gardens.

We build hives for mason bees, and have kept chickens as part of shared responsibility chicken clubs and hope to do so in the future.

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