Our Team


Developer:                   Cully Grove LLC (Eli Spevak, Zachariah Parrish)
General Contractor:    Orange Splot LLC (Staffed by Eli, Zach, Simon, Noelle, et al)
Architect:                     Hans Kretschmer and Kai Yonezawa, Green Gables Design & Restoration
Consulting Architect:   Mark Lakeman, Communitecture
Land Use Planner:      Mieke Keenan
Civil Engineer:             Bill Kehrli, CWK2 Land Development Consultants
Title Company:            Kerry Steinmetz, Fidelity National Title
Attorney:                      Rebecca Tom, Barg Tom PC
Construction Lender:   Pacific Continental Bank
Mortgage Lender:       Giles Rebholz, Homestreet Bank


Eli Spevak has been crafting affordable, community-oriented housing developments in Portland since he arrived in 1994 as a volunteer construction supervisor with Portland Habitat for Humanity. During his first decade in Portland, he managed the finance and construction of over 250 units of affordable housing through community-based non-profit organizations. Also during that time, Eli completed a Masters degree in Urban and Regional Planning from PSU.

After taking a year to work as a backcountry ranger, Eli launched a development and general contractor company. Orange Splot LLC’s mission is to pioneer new models of community-oriented, affordable, green housing developments. So far, Orange Splot has completed the following projects:

  • Peninsula Park Commons – original conversion of 6 units and subsequent construction of 3 new units and additional common areas
  • Sabin Green – construction of 2 new homes, renovation of one home, and conversion of a garage to an accessory dwelling unit
  • Ruth’s Cottages – renovation of a single family home and construction of two detached bedroom ‘garden cottages’ to the side of it
  • Woolsey Corner – construction of an 8-unit community in partnership with Proud Ground, a local community land trust
  • CoHo Corvallis – construction of a new, 34-unit cohousing community in Corvallis, Oregon that includes 8 homes affordable to first time buyers (Eli managed the finance side of this project as staff of the Housing Development Center while Sabin Green was under development)

Orange Splot projects have been featured in the New York Times, NBC’s Today Show, Sunset Magazine, Portland Spaces, the Oregonian, and Portland’s annual Build It Green! tours. Eli is also involved in a local advocacy project to spur the development of more space-efficient homes. For links to articles and more information about recent projects, please visit www.OrangeSplot.net.

Eli was co-developer and construction manager at Cully Grove.

Zachariah Parrish, a Portland native, has been a part of his family-run construction business (ONO Development) for most of his adult life. In 2000 he became a City of Portland firefighter. Zach continues to work with the family business on days off from the fire department. Through the years he has acquired, renovated, and now manages multiple rental properties in the Portland area. Zach holds an associate’s degree from Mt Hood Community College and a Fire Science degree from Portland Community College.

Zach started as a laborer for ONO Development in 1990. He became a head framer and eventually head foreman. In his current role, Zach reviews plans, helps subcontractors with layout, orders materials, manages employees and subcontractors, obtains financing for projects, handles payroll, and manages project budgets and schedules.

ONO has completed a breadth of projects: residential (single and multifamily), commercial (restaurants, business, offices and warehouses), and land development. Some of Zach’s projects include:

  • Leading a crew of four full-time employees to restore four homes on a 10,000 sq. ft. lot at SE 14th and Clinton, which he now holds as an investment rental property (2007 – present)
  • Managing a 1-year, $300,000, ground-up renovation of an historic 5,000 sq. ft. Portland home at 2241 SW Montgomery (2006)
  • Working with ONO Development to purchase a mixed-use commercial building at SE 12th and Division and develop 21 mixed-use art spaces (2002). Then in 2003, Zach and his wife Jessica opened a coffee shop, Urban Grounds, at this location. They built the coffee shop from the ground up, handling the design and all tenant improvements – then managed and operated it for two years.
  • Framing two office buildings and constructing ten 50’x100’ dog kennels at Multnomah Greyhound Park (1999)

Zach was co-developer of Cully Grove and assisted with construction to the extent his firefighting job allowed.

Native Portlander, Simon Lyle is a product of Portland Public Schools Magnet Arts Programs in the 80′s and 90′s. Actively honing his craft over the years on projects large and small, he has built bikes, boats, cars & houses, painted glass, and salvaged material in Portland to make sculpture for both fine art and architectural solutions. Simon has been the Site Superintendent for Orange Splot LLC since 2006, leading the construction of new homes at Peninsula Park Commons and at Woolsey Corner.

Simon was the site superintendent for Cully Grove.

Noelle Studer-Spevak is new to the development world. She led environmental sustainability efforts at Portland Community College and Portland State University for six years. Her responsibilities included greenhouse gas accounting and organizational learning efforts related to resource efficiency. At PCC, she also mobilized the college’s resources to support the region’s emerging green building industry. Noelle served as an agroforestry extension agent with the U.S. Peace Corps in West Africa, and has worked on urban forestry issues for the City of Seattle, the Washington Department of Natural Resources, and Clark County. Noelle holds a Masters in Public Administration and a M.S. in Urban Forest Management from the University of Washington. She is an avid gardener and enjoys all aspects of urban homesteading.

Noelle’s involvement with Cully Grove ranged from marketing and communications, to finish materials selection and landscape planning/installation.

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