Cully Grove Groundbreaking!

Cully Grove-3658

Cully Grove broke ground on Sunday, May 13th amidst the excitement of the first Sunday Parkways of the summer. A homemade doughnut stand was a great way to greet the 20,000+ cyclists who passed by Cully Grove that afternoon. Sugar doughnuts, chocolate doughnuts, gluten free doughnuts, and Eli’s beignets got everyone grinning.

As the crowds began to dwindle the community switched gears from the public party to a private one. The groundbreaking ceremony itself was very pleasant with most of the future Cully Grove residents present. The festivities included writing letters and placing them in a time capsule, digging up little jars of dirt so that the families can have a little bit of Cully Grove with them at home while their future homes are being constructed, and, of course, champagne toasts.

Cully Grove Groundbreaking
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