Construction Update 8/16/12

It’s hot out there!  Framing is nearly complete on the first two buildings.  The first front porches are up and looking great.  Roofs are stocked, rough-in plumbing is underway, and windows are arriving late next week.

Across the rest of the site, we’re juggling dirt piles, big holes, and foundation forms as the basement buildings prepare to come out of the ground.  We brought 27 truckloads of soil to the future community garden site at Thomas Cully Park.  Basement slab pours for buildings A and B are scheduled for Monday and Tuesday of next week, after which framing crews will jump over to start building those homes.  The first single family home dig-out is done and the concrete crew will start forming up that foundation next week.

The chickens and Oreo the rabbit continue to patrol the site, apparently having a grand old time.  Still not sure where the chickens are laying all their eggs, but we hope to figure it out by sight rather than by smell.  Let the egg hunt continue…


Published by Eli Spevak

Community housing developer

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