House Move tomorrow morning!

It took some last minute work with the city’s permit office, but we’re all set to go for a ~8:30am house move tomorrow (Wed.) morning.  Stop by if you’d like to see Zach and Jessica’s house roll Very Slowly around the corner to its new home.

Daily Journal of Commerce story

Today’s Daily Journal of Commerce has a nice cover story about new community-oriented projects, including Waverly Commons and Cully Grove.  Check it out! Also, there’s a story about Cully Grove coming out in the February Hollywood Star News.  Look for it on newstands soon.

Friends of Cully Grove Holiday Party

Please join us Saturday, December 10 anytime from 4 to 7pm. It’s time to celebrate the many people coming together to make Cully Grove possible. Neighborhood advocates, future and prospective residents, architects and financial supporters are all part of the Cully Grove extended family – and we’d like to provide a chance for you toContinue reading “Friends of Cully Grove Holiday Party”

Home Price Reductions

Due to projected construction & permit cost savings, all prices have been reduced, some into the low $300K’s. We are working toward a mid-January construction start, so we can be in our homes before the 2013 gardening season begins. Please contact Noelle for opportunities to meet the group and Eli to reserve a unit today.

Free class at Portland Homestead Supply

Build community! Visit Portland Homestead Supply for a free class 6:30-8pm this Thursday by Eli Spevak on how he and others have launched small and large communities of homes in and around Portland. Eli will discuss design elements that foster food production/preservation, sharing and neighborly interaction, living lightly & abundantly on earth, and fun. CheckContinue reading “Free class at Portland Homestead Supply”