Other Portland communities

Woolsey Corner, Orange Splot’s latest project, consists of eight 2-3 bedroom homes affordable to income-qualified first time homebuyers through a partnership with Proud Ground.

PDX Commons is in the formation stage and will be located in the inner east side of Portland.  This community of active adults, now with 12 equity member households and about 8 more on the path to equity membership, is getting close to its goal of 24-28 households.  The plan is for a new-construction, medium-rise, condo building.

For more information, including details on coffees and pot lucks, check out their website.

Woodstock Gardens is a new 6-home community taking shape a few blocks from the cozy Woodstock neighborhood main street.  This community will include 3 primary dwellings and 3 detached accessory dwelling units.  Two homes have been built thus far, and the construction of the remaining homes is underway.

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 2.49.49 PM

Peninsula Park Commons is a community on the west side of Peninsula Park in N. Portland. It contains 3 1-BR homes, 4 2-BR homes, 2 3-BR homes, common unit, guest house, shared bike room, and 2 shared courtyards.

PPC2 - after

Sabin Green, one of Orange Splot’s first communities, contains two primary dwellings and two small ‘accessory dwellings’ around a central courtyard in Portland’s Sabin neighborhood.
Sabin house image

Columbia Ecovillage is a retrofit community of homes just north of Cully Grove that includes a huge permaculture garden and farmhouse as part of their common facilities.  Occasional openings are posted on their website.

Daybreak Cohousing is a recently completed new construction cohousing community in North Portland.

Kailash Ecovillage is an intentional community in inner-SE Portland on a rental model

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